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In our unique nutrition series, Foundation board member and “Chef without a Stomach” Hans Rueffert shares his voice of experience as a gastric cancer survivor, along with simple and healthy meals that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Teaming up with his good friend and registered dietitian Dr. Ellen Steinberg, Hans discusses many of the specific hurdles faced by people with compromised digestive systems and suggests how to find healthy options that you will actually enjoy eating.

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Hans Rueffert at Mulehouse, Photo by Carolyn Richardson for Georgia State University Magazine

Our "Chef Without A Stomach"

Hans Rueffert is an acclaimed chef, author, educator, television producer and gastric cancer survivor. Shortly after finishing third in the Next Food Network Star television series in 2005, Hans was diagnosed with stage three stomach cancer. He lost most of his stomach and esophagus to the disease but he remains steadfast in his mission of supporting others to enjoy the healthy and dynamic joy of cooking in the kitchen – with or without a stomach.

Photo by Carolyn Richardson for Georgia State University Magazine

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