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Join over 500 people who have enrolled in the registry, the only comprehensive gastric cancer registry in the country. In order to conduct breakthrough research, we encourage all people with gastric cancer (or their families) to sign up with the registry. It’s an easy process that can make a world of difference.

About the Gastric Cancer Registry

Gastric Cancer Registry Genome Explorer

The Foundation and the Gastric Cancer Registry offered a webinar on April 22nd to provide a project update and a preview of the new Genome Explorer web portal, which ensures that researchers and interested parties will have free access to Gastric Cancer Registry data.  A full recording of the webinar is available for viewing here:

You have the opportunity to help others by partnering with research.

We believe there is an opportunity to improve prevention, early detection and treatment of gastric cancer. Your participation in the Gastric Cancer Registry, the first comprehensive registry on stomach cancer in the nation, has the potential to help researchers gain better understanding of the causes of gastric cancer, both environmental and genetic, and determine whether certain genomic data can predict outcomes of treatment and survival.

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Resources and support are available. Gastric Cancer Foundation was established to provide information and an understanding community for people with gastric cancer and their loved ones.

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