Leading the Search for a Cure

Gastric Cancer Foundation is a results-driven national non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by gastric cancer and working with leading researchers to find a cure.  More than one million new cases of gastric cancer are diagnosed worldwide each year, and 783,000 people die from the disease. There is no time to waste.

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The Vision of One Brave Patient


We created the first comprehensive Gastric Cancer Registry, designed to stimulate research.

The Foundation makes strategic grants to enable brilliant researchers to stay focused on this under-funded disease, with innovative studies that make breakthroughs toward a cure.


We’re raising public awareness about gastric cancer and the urgency of expanded research.

We serve as a centralized and practical resource for people affected by this disease, including nutrition guidance and the latest news about research progress.


We have created a supportive community of patients and caregivers who can share information and experiences, and combat feelings of isolation.

The Foundation forges alliances and partnerships to advocate for greater investments in gastric cancer research.

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An Organization Built for Action

Leading the Foundation Toward a Cure

Meet the dedicated board members who lead Foundation efforts to provide hope and help for people affected by gastric cancer. 

Meet Our Board Members