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National Campaign Launched to Help Patients Receive the Best Treatment

The Gastric Cancer Foundation is proud to be a Founding Supporter of Test Your Biomarkers, a national education and awareness campaign launched on February 4, World Cancer Day, to inform people about the importance of biomarker testing in the treatment of stomach cancer. The Foundation has joined with an unprecedented alliance of researchers, oncologists, patients, caregivers, pharmaceutical companies and advocacy groups to reach the largest possible audience with this vital information.

Cancer biomarkers are bits of information unique to an individual and their cancer. It is important to test for biomarkers as soon as treatment is considered, because early testing ensures that you and your healthcare team will be able to identify the very best personalized treatment options – now and in the future.
“Historically, stomach cancer has had low survival rates. But today, new drugs and treatment options are improving patient outcomes,” says NCI’s Jeremy Davis, a member of the Test Your Biomarkers Medical Advisory Committee. “The key, however, is ensuring that patients get biomarker testing so they can be paired with a treatment specific to their cancer’s unique information.”

Healthcare providers are sometimes unaware of advancements in precision medicine and the importance of biomarker testing in treating stomach cancer. The Test Your Biomarkers project aims to improve stomach cancer outcomes by educating patients and helping them advocate for themselves and biomarker testing with their doctors.

The new TestYourBiomarkers.org website provides information about the different types of biomarkers and testing, answers to frequently asked questions, patient stories and videos, and a downloadable script to help guide patient conversations with their doctor.

Paul Gottsegen, Gastric Cancer Foundation Board Chair, stated that, “We are proud to be an active partner in this campaign. We know that early testing for biomarkers will enable more patients to benefit from promising advancements in precision medicine. Biomarker testing can improve outcomes for many patients.”

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