Together, we will defeat stomach cancer.

Since our founding in 2009, we’ve been passionately focused on the search for a cure for gastric (stomach) cancer, while also serving as a central resource of information and assistance for people who are already facing the disease today. This dreaded disease affects so many, and yet it doesn’t get a proper share of global research investment. Our foundation is leading the way to ensure that many of the brightest minds are able to stay laser-focused on identifying paths to a breakthrough. 

We fund emerging science. Think of us as a form of seed investor, encouraging and funding great minds with innovative ideas. Our research initiatives have grown every year and broadened in scope. We’re encouraged to see the variety of ideas and approaches, and scientific advancements that can ultimately lead to a cure. With your support, we know we will get there.

Stomach cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, but it receives less than one-half of one percent (0.4%) of US federal cancer research funding.

Leading a Determined Search for a cure

$3.4 million granted to expand and accelerate research

Driving New Research & Discoveries

Seed Funding for Promising Studies

Early foundation funding leverages even larger grants to expand and accelerate research progress.

The foundation provides seed funding to launch projects at centers of research excellence across the country. This early support – which is often most difficult to secure – enables investigators to generate enough preliminary data to submit compelling and competitive applications for funding to continue their studies.

Scholar Awards to Mobilize Brilliant Young Scientists

The perpetual award ensures continuous strategic investment in promising young investigators and their work to discover better diagnostics, treatments and a cure for gastric cancer.

Early-career investigators are often discouraged from focusing on gastric cancer because funding is scarce. The Ben Feinstein Memorial Research Scholar Award provides 3-year grants of $100,000 per year to outstanding scholars. This multi-year support enables young scientists to build portfolios of work that lead to expanded funding for their investigations. Our scholars have successfully secured large grant commitments from the National Cancer Institute and Department of Defense.

Providing Critical Data for All Scientists

Gastric Cancer Registry

The Registry expands deep understanding of the disease and has the power to stimulate collaborative gastric cancer research across the country and around the world.

The foundation launched the Gastric Cancer Registry in 2011 as a unique resource to integrate clinical and genomic information from individuals who have been diagnosed with gastric cancer and others who may be at heightened risk for the disease. The registry contains risk factor and treatment data, along with sophisticated tumor profiling. Researchers everywhere are able to access comprehensive tumor data through a searchable web-based interface called the Genome Explorer.

Published Research

Findings from studies funded by the foundation have been reviewed and published in respected medical and scientific journals.

Access our growing library of research papers that report progress from foundation-funded initiatives.

Partnering with Top Research Teams

Columbia University

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Massachusetts General Hospital

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Stanford University

University of Michigan

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Washington University, St. Louis

Help for Patients and Families

No one needs to face this diagnosis alone.

Online Caring Community

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with gastric cancer, you are likely flooded with questions and emotions. You are not alone! Our safe and secure online community – exclusively for patients and families – provides a secure place to ask questions, share information and experiences, and provide compassionate support to one another. It is your place to connect with others who are on the same journey.

Nutrition Support

How can you move forward in life without a stomach? Can you ever again enjoy eating? Hans Rueffert, our “Chef Without a Stomach”, joins with a registered dietitian to help you face the new challenges of eating after surgery. With wit and optimism, Hans provides delicious recipes along with his special voice of experience and encouragement. Catch up on episodes of The Gesundheit Kitchen now.

Personalized Clinical Trials Assistance

Our free and confidential service will help you become informed and ready to discuss clinical trials with your care team as early as possible in your treatment planning. Call (855) 731-6032 to speak with a trained navigator who can help you learn about open clinical trials that best match with your diagnosis.

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